We have all been distracted at some point while driving, especially if you own a cell phone. Checking text messages, answering calls, replying to social media updates and e-mails have been the cause of some of the worst accidents in history. Being a safer driver is something we all need to practice. With Peace of Mind Driving you can start in the right direction by decreasing distractions while driving. Check out a few features below.

App Features

  • When your vehicle reaches a speed of 10 mph the Peace of Mind Driving app will automatically launch.
  • Once activated, the application will block alerts such as text messages, e-mails and phone calls.
  • If a text message is received while driving, an auto-response will be generated and sent to the sender notifying them that the owner of the phone is currently driving.
  • If a call is received and there is no Bluetooth device enabled, a text message will be sent informing the caller that the owner of the phone is currently driving.
  • If a Bluetooth device is active the driver can use the Bluetooth’s functionality to receive and make calls.
  • Passenger Mode